Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sat july 19: A Wide Open Championship and Basketball In The Open Outdoors of Arthur Ashe Stadium

The wind has been dominating the past three rounds of the Open Championship, and that is evident from the scores that we have seen from the golfers this week. The current leader, Greg Norman, is currently two over par. Yet Norman has a two shot lead over Padraig Harrington and KJ Choi. From what I have watched on television, it seems like the golfers are having a hard time reading the ball, or rather reading the wind. BBC Sport has more details and check out Greg Norman and KJ Choi playing the 18th hole earlier today.

Outdoor Basketball at Arthur Ashe Stadium
Ok, I don't talk about the WNBA that often, in fact its very rare that I do. Not that I have anything against the WNBA, but it just hasn't risen to the top of my sports viewing agenda yet. But today's New York Liberty and Indiana Fever game deserves a little bit of attention. 

Apparently, they got this gig to play a regular season basketball game at Arthur Ashe Stadium,
 a sports venue where usually the best tenni
s players gather for the U.S. Open. They are hoping to have the same success that the NHL had for the Winter Classic game that they had in Buffalo back on New Year's Day. While there are plenty of ice hockey fans in the United States, I know there aren't as many WNBA fans. Still, it's nice to see professional outdoor basketball in a stadium that normally is meant for tennis. And certainly, it could boost fans and exposure for the WNBA and women's sports, except that, unlike the Winter Classic, this game isn't being broadcast nationally. 

I still think its exciting and I'll try and tune in if I'm at home. Maybe if they give this a couple of years, it may turn out to be a successful event. Hopefully it doesn't rain. 

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