Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 1 10:30PM Update - First Day Winds Down To A Close

Few events are still happening around Beijing as the first full day of competition ends. In a few minutes, NOW Sports will be doing a LIVE BLOG on the ongoing volleyball competition. But first let's update you on the latest going on in Beijing.

- The women's volleyball match between USA and Japan is on NBC
- Team and individual eventing continues with the dressage on USA Network
- and Women's Handball between France and Angola is on MSNBC

- Men's Cycling Road Race on NBC
- Women's Fencing Individual Sabre on USA Network
- Beach Volleyball and Swimming Preliminaries on NBC

Swimming and Men's Gymnastics Qualifications Recaps
These events can be seen today and tonight on NBC, check your local listings

- Swimming preliminaries
On the first night of swimming, Michael Phelps began his road to the get eight gold medals by having the fastest qualifying time for tomorrow morning's 400 meter individual medley final.
For a full recap, click on this link:

- Men's gymnastics qualifications
China posted the best scores of the night in qualifying for the team and individual finals to be contested later this week. The United States posted the best score in its group and finished fourth through two subdivisions and they have a spot in the finals as well.
For a full recap, click on this link:

Women's Volleyball: USA vs. Japan

And we'll have a full recap of the day's events in just a bit here on NOW Sports Daily.

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