Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 7 6AM Update: Slovakia Sweeps Day's Whitewater Events, China Continues Weightlifting Dominance

More medal updates as we continue with our coverage of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

Whitewater Slalom: Slovakia Wins Gold in C2 and Women's K1
The canoe/kayak whitewater slalom is a sport of precision, control, and a bit of upper body strength. Just imagine yourself skiing, except instead of snow, it's downhill, rapidly moving water, instead of skis, you use a boat and a paddle, and your legs have been cut off. That's pretty much whitewater canoe/kayak and its quite entertaining, especially if you like to see competitor's boats overturn.

Earlier today, Slovakia captured gold in both whitewater slalom events that were contested today, continuing their dominance in the sport. In the Men's C2 final, Pavol and Peter Hochschorner won their third consecutive gold medal in the event with a combined time of 190.82 seconds. And in the women's C1 competition, Elena Kaliska defended her gold medal title that she won in Athens with a combined time of 192.64 seconds.

Hochschorner brothers win third straight gold
Slovakia's Kaliska wins second straight K-1 gold

China Wins 7th Weightlifting Gold
The best weightlifters seem to come from China. The maximum four female weightlifters that China can enter have all won gold, the latest winner being Cao Lei after she won the 75-kg division by lifting a total weight of 282 kg. She broke three Olympic records in her win and didn't even enter the competition until all the other lifters had performed their lifts in the clean and jerk, when Cao lifted 154 kg. This win adds to the six golds won by Chinese men and women in weightlifting thus far.

Archery: Another Huge Upset as Ukraine Steals Gold Away from Korea
This just in from the NOW Sports News Room (aka my living room), Ukraine's Viktor Ruban has defeated Korean Kyung-Mo Park in the men's individual final. Ruban shot a ten on his last shot, forcing Park to score a ten in order to tie the match. But Park shot a nine and Ruban won by a score of 113-112. This is the second straight upset in archery, where South Korean archers have dominated the competition over the past several Olympics. Yesterday, China's Zhang Juanjuan captured gold in the women's individual competition.

- Women's Soccer Quarterfinals:
USA vs. Canada (now live on USA Network)
Brazil vs. Norway

- Men's Team Epee Final in Fencing

- Tennis Singles Semifinals (Blake currently leads Gonzalez 3-2 in the final set)


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