Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wed Aug 6 - Women's Soccer Kicks off Competition at Olympic Games

Depending on which game viewers were watching, they most likely got a pretty good taste of the action that is to come over the next several weeks in Beijing. Earlier this morning, the preliminary matches in women's football (soccer) got underway and it served as a sign that the Olympics are less than two days away.

Women's Soccer Roundup
There were several great matchups on the opening day of the women's soccer competition, including a rematch of the final of last year's FIFA Women's World Cup. Germany and Brazil played to a scoreless tie where each team had several good opportunities to score. Many shots hit the crossbar or came into the hands of the goalkeepers. Brazil made five shots on goal to Germany's three but none of them were able to break the scoreless tie. Both Brazil and Germany each received a point in the standings.

Meanwhile, North Korea scored a goal against Nigeria to get into the top of the group that both Brazil and Germany are in, making the race for a spot in the quarterfinals very interesting as the preliminary rounds continue. Host nation China was able to geta 2-1 win over Sweden earlier today and the defending Olympic champion United States fell to Norway after allowing two goals early in the game during the second and fourth minutes.

The most competitive game today was between Japan and New Zealand. The All Blacks were up 2-0 over the Japanese when late goals helped to rally Japan to a 2-2 tie. Women's preliminary action will continue on Saturday, August 9 on the first official day of Olympic competition.

Latest Women's Soccer News and Updates (NBC Olympics)

NOW Sports' LIVE BLOGGING Schedule (Week 3)
Remember that NOW Sports will be blogging throughout the Olympic Games with half-hour updates throughout each day (or rather, night) of the competition from 6PM EDT to 12PM EDT the next day (times and events subject to change). In addition, NOW Sports will have LIVE BLOGGING of several events throughout the week, including gymnastics events, swimming finals and soccer and basketball games. Below is a schedule of the final week's LIVE BLOGGING of the competition 2008 Olympic Games. All times are in EDT.

Mon Aug 18
12AM - Triathlon: Women's Final
6AM - Women's Soccer Semifinal
9AM - Women's Soccer Semifinal
10PM - Triathlon: Men's Final

Tues Aug 19
2:20AM - Women's Water Polo: Semifinals
4:45AM - Women's Basketball: Quarterfinal
9AM - Men's Soccer Semifinal
9PM - Men's Water Polo Quarterfinals

Wed Aug 20
2:15AM - Men's Handball Quarterfinal
8AM - Men's Volleyball Quarterfinals
9PM - Cycling BMX Finals
9PM - Beach Volleyball Women's Final

Thurs Aug 21 - Sun Aug 24
To Be Determined

Remember that the LIVE BLOGGING will be available on our alternate website: These times and events are subject to change and we may add more events like diving or gymnastics if possible. Don't forget that this is IN ADDITION to the continuous live half-hour updates that NOW Sports will be giving throughout the night and into the next morning, starting at 7AM on Friday morning with the opening ceremonies. Competition updates will begin at 6PM EDT later that day when Day 1 of competition begins. Check back here and for the latest updates throughout the games.

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