Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 1 8:30AM Update: Women's Individual Sabre Gold Medal Results *SPOILERS*

Another gold medal has just been awarded and it is the United States' first gold medal.

Women's Individual Sabre Gold Medal Results *SPOILER ALERT*
Coverage of this event can be seen later today on USA Network

The United States has swept the medals in this event, with Mariel Zagunis taking the top prize. She won gold over her compatriot Sada Jacobson. Rebecca Ward defeated Russian fencer Sofiya Velikaya in the bronze medal match. This is Zagunis's second career gold medal after winning this event in Athens four years ago.

Going on NOW...
The United States started off slow but now it looks like they have control over the Czech Republic in their opening game in women's basketball.

Women's Soccer - Brazil has a 2-0 hold over North Korea and they are now at halftime. Norway has a 1-0 lead over New Zealand. China and Canada are tied at 1-1.

The dressage competition in the equestrian eventing competition and preliminary round matches in badminton continue as well as the preliminary heats in swimming at the Water Cube and qualification in men's gymnastics.

USA Women's basketball vs. Czech Republic now on USA Network. Brazil vs. North Korea in women's soccer is now on MSNBC.

10:30AM - Women's Indoor Volleyball, Preliminaries: USA vs. Japan

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