Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 1, 9PM Update: Equestrian, Basketball and Badminton

While viewers in the United States are still watching the Opening Ceremony on NBC, the first day of competition is well underway with the Eventing competition in equestrian, preliminary matches in badminton and Australia vs. Belarus in women's basketball. Let's get you updated with the latest on Day 1:

Equestrian: Team and Individual Eventing
After two rounds of riders in the dressage portion of team eventing:
1. Germany - 97.90
2. Italy - 100.60
3. New Zealand - 105.00

In the individual competition:
1. Clayton Fredericks (AUS) 37.00
2. Frank Ostholt (GER) 44.60
3. Amy Tryon 46.50

Currently going on:
Badminton: Women's Round of 64  from Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium
and Women's Basketball between Belarus and Australia from Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium.

On TV:
Opening Ceremonies on RIGHT NOW on NBC
Boxing at 2AM on CNBC
Women's Shooting, Women's Soccer and Women's Basketball starting at 2AM on USA Network

10:30PM - Women's Shooting and Women's Weightlifting on


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