Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 13/14 RECAP: A Look at What I've Missed in the Past Two Days

College hasn't deterred me from blogging but it has limited my capabilities of posting a full blog. I'm in the middle of orientation and residence hall bonding and what not so I haven't been watching as much as I have liked. But it's still worth it to look back at the past two days and quickly review what has been going on as the Olympics come to an end.

Day 13: Merritt Wins 400m Showdown, US Softball Loses
- Softball: USA Loses to Japan
For a sport that is being taken off the Olympic program because the United States is always winning, the huge upset that the softball world needed might have come at the right moment. The United States lost to Japan in the gold medal game of softball in a shocking 3-1 defeat. While the United States left runners at base, Japan played to their full potential despite playing two extra-inning games the night before. The Americans' first loss since 2000 may be what the sport needs as it may be reinstated for the 2016 Olympic Games, especially if the IOC selects Chicago to host it.

- Women's Soccer: USA defeats Brazil in extra time for second consecutive medal
After Abby Wambach broke her leg in an exhibition match against Brazil, hopes for defending an Olympic championship seemed lost with the team's only veteran player now gone from the roster. Things looked worse when Team USA lost to Norway in their opening round match by giving up two goals early in the first half. So when Brazil, who was going for their first ever gold medal in the sport of soccer, women or men, lost to the United States 1-0, the skeptics who had doubts on the Americans were all proven wrong.

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